Visit SSHL at Stockholmsmässan, November 23-25, booth: C13:01

SSHL is attending the Gymnaseiemässa greater Stockholm High School exhibition at the Stockholmsmässan the 23-25 November. This is an opportunity to get to know the school a little better, meet students and teacher and get a chance to ask some questions.

Welcome to booth C13:01

Opening hours:
Thursday 2017-11-23 09.00-17.00
Friday 2017-11-24 09.00-16.00
Saturday 2017-11-25 09.00-16.00


Palma & Marbella

Get to know SSHL in Spain.

Individual meetings in Spain can be arranged directly with SSHL’s representatives.


the Swedish School (Svenska Skolan) 14.00-15.00
School director Dr. Margret Benedikz  will hold her lecture on Bilinualism at the Swedish School(Svenska Skolan).

In the lecture Dr. Benedikz talks about how to face the challenges of living with our children in a bilingual / multilingual environment.

Book individual meetings by contacting Dr. Benekikz at

23 November MARBELLA

SWEA Exhibition, H10 Andalucia Plaza, 17.00-20.00
House parents Johanna Flink and Ola Olssson will be at theSWEA exhibition at the Andalucia Plaza. to provide information to interested parties.

Book individual meetings by contacting

SSHL tours China, Bilingualism in Families

On October 21 School Director Dr. Margret Benedikz begins her journey with Ling Nyfeldt through China from Beijing to Shanghai and finally to Hong Kong. In each of these cities, she will hold a lecture on Bilingualism discussing some of the challenges that families face living with children in a bilingual/multilingual environment.


How do we face the challenges of living with our children in a bilingual / multilingual environment?

See flyer at the bottom of the page for more information.


Dr. Benedikz and Mrs. Nyfeldt will attend the China Education Expo in Beijing.  Dr Benedikz will hold her first lecture on 23 October 10am at the Western Academy of Beijing hosted by Svenska i Beijing och SWEA Beijing.  Dr. Benedikz will have time to meet privately with families and other interested parties beween 23-24 October.

Contact Dr. Benedikz too schedule an individual meeting at


Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be available for individual meetings in Shanghai between the 26-27 October.  Dr. Benedikz will hold her Bilingualism lecture 1pm, 27 October at the Swedish Consulate  with  the  Svenska Skolan Shanghai as our hosts. Between 28-29 October Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be representing SSHL at the China Education Expo in Shanghai.

Hong Kong

On 30 october at 10am Dr. Benedikz will hold her lecture on bilingualism at  SEB, Jardine House, 17 floor with  SWEA Hong Kong and Svenska Skolan Hong Kong as hosts.  At this occasion Dr. Benedikz will  be available for individual meetings.

Help Us!

If you know anyone in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong kong that might be interested in meeting us or simply interested in helping us spread the word about our events we would be very greatful if you could share this information with them or let us know who you think we should contact.


Download PDF flyer

Welcome to Parents Day at SSHL

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

We look forward seeing you!

Kind regards,

School Leadership Team


Schedule for the day

9.00-15.00 Meeting with teachers in Instan A letter will be sent shortly with a link to the booking code to schedule times with individual teachers. The meetings are open for all students.
9.00-14.00 UTIS (the school shop) open
9.00-15.00 Café Humlan open
12.00-13.00 Lunch for boarding parents will be served in each respective boarding home
13.15-13.45 Information to parents and guardians of families living abroad. An opportunity to meet School Director Margret Benedikz and Marika Wäreborn from the Parents Association who will be present to answer questions
14.00 Applying to Swedish university and university in the US & UK Parents are invited to attend a lecture about the application and admissions process for universities. Lecturer: Ingrid Annett-Nordström/Dr. Jon Buscall The lecture will take place in Gradängsalen, Instan
15.00 Official opening and mingle in the school dining hall
19.00 The Parents Association dinner at Sigtunastiftelsen
(see separate invitation from the Parents Association for details)

Program Kick-Off Baltic Care Project at SSHL the 22 nd -24 th September 2017

The Life-Link led Baltic Care Project conference at SSHL is now underway (SKIP TO THE PROGRAM HERE)


Life Link, in collaboration with SSHL, are delighted to announce that the two organisations received a grant on April 26 for a Baltic Sea Region Project entitled ”The Baltic Care Project” from the Swedish Institute. It is a grant for a project involving organisations and schools in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The aim of The Baltic Care Project is to promote education for sustainability focusing on the Baltic Sea Region.
The projects objectives consist of three areas:

  • teachers at the schools will include sustainable development in their teaching
  • the schools themselves should develop projects to become more sustainable
  • the students should be acquainted with, and start to practice, sustainable lifestyle habits.

The project will be working together with centres for children and young people who have excellent contacts with many schools, and pedagogical faculties at the larger universities in the four countries. This will allow the project to eventually reach out to all upper-secondary schools in the region. The plan is to work closely with four schools in each country and that these will go on to act as twenty model schools.

The project includes workshops for the participants from the schools, visits to the schools, and the production of video documentation of the project in each participating school. Life Link and SSHL-s intention is to develop sustainability practices and competence for education for sustainable development at upper-secondary school levels in the participating schools from the Baltic Sea Region. Project schools will become model schools and present their experience and share their knowledge through videos and meetings to all schools in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Baltic Care Project Plan:


  • 1 st June 2017 Project starts
  •  30 th June—1 st July 2017 Meeting with partners from Estonia, Latvia
    and Lithuania in Riga.
  • August-September 2017 after the summer holiday plan project in
    each school.
  • 22 nd -23 rd or 23 rd -24 th September 2017 Kick off at SSHL in Sigtuna,
    Sweden. Two students and one teacher from each school in the
    project are invited.
  • Autumn term 2017 and Spring term 2018 Work with implementing
    the aim with the project in the student’s education.
  • September-October 2018 final conference in one of the Baltic
    Countries sharing our experiences.

Members of the Baltic Care Project Group

The group includes Dr Lars T Johnson (Life Link Chairman), Professor Emeritus Lars Rydén (Life Link board member and senior advisor) and Anna Johansson (teacher at SSHL).
If you would like to know and learn more about The Baltic Care Project please contact me on

Please follow this link to learn more about the Baltic Sea Region and other organisations who received a grant.

Very best wishes,
Anna Johansson, SSHL



Friday the 22nd
Day of arrival
Dinner 18.00 in Dining hall
Get together and school presentations after dinner. Make a presentation of about 5 minutes, Not more!

Saturday the 23 rd
08.00 Breakfast in Dining Hall
09.00-09.15 Conference begins: Welcome from SSHL and Life Link, Dr Margret Benedikz, Eddy Johansson, Dr Lars Johnson.
09.15 – 09.30 Presentation by Dr Lars Rydén and Frans Lenglet
09.30 -11.00 Schools will present their plans for the Baltic Care Project: 5 minutes/ school. There will be a list in what order the schools will be presenting.
11.00-11.15 Coffee break
11.15 -12.00 Project Rajda  – Martin Johnson
12.00-13.00 Lunch in Dining Hall
13.00 -14.00 Lecture/Workshop Ecolibria – CSD Uppsala University
14.00-14.30 Begin the Group discussions. Teachers and students meet and discuss separately. This will be organised so that schools and countries will be
mixed. There will be guidelines handed out for the group discussions
14.30-14.50 Coffee Break
15.00-15.30 Carry on the group discussions about the plans for the project.
15.30-16.00 Presentation of the outcome from the group discussions.
16.00-16.25 How to report and document the project, deadlines etc. – Anna Johansson
16.30 Guided Tour of Sigtuna: Theme: Sustainable Sigtuna throughout history.
18.00-19.30 Dinner in Dining Hall
Cultural Evening
Every school or country should prepare a cultural happening or event. It could be a song, performance or dance. This should not take too long. Not more than
about 5-10 minutes.
There will also be time for summary and evaluation of the conference.


Sunday the 24th
08.00 Breakfast in Dining Hall
Farewell and Departure

Top London Universities Visit SSHL

On Thursday, September 21, representatives from top universities in London came to SSHL to meet our students.


The universities represented were:

All IB diploma programme DP18 and DP19 students and any other especially interested students came to listen to a presentation given by the representatives about what their universities could offer. The university representatives also gave the students adviceabout things they should consider before applying to universities in the UK.

During the hour after the presentation, students had the opportunity to speak individually with these top university representatives.

Both students and university representatives welcome this new tradition at SSHL.

Invitation to the Annual Parents Association Dinner 14 October

The SSHL Parents Association invites Parents and Friends to our Yearly Dinner on Saturday 14 October 2017 at 7 pm in the Stora Salen at Sigtunastiftelsen in Sigtuna.

Pre-dinner drinks and a three course menu with a glass of wine for the price of SEK 890 per person and there will be an open bar during the evening.


Please let us know if you are attending the event with the names of your guests and any dietary requirements to as well as sending your payment to the Parents Association bank account quoting your name as reference.
Bankgiro: 441-8042
IBAN: SE20 6000 0000 000794 639 798
SWISH: 123 514 2005
See Invite
sigtuna swedish boarding school parents association

Settling in to School Life

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket has had a wonderful autumn as our boarders have settled in and the teaching has begun. The school is now in its third week of term and everyone has adapted to boarding school routines.

Every year new students make up a third of the school numbers. It is important to remember this. Few other organisations go through such drastic renewal every year. As educators we live in this world of changeability. To this end, for our school to thrive, we foster collegiality and open-mindedness. We are not afraid of change, we celebrate the privilege of working with our young people.

Our attitudes to change are so important. We look forward to the beginning of the new year and the opportunity to meet so many who are new to our community. At SSHL we are luckier than most in that our students come from many countries and different backgrounds. This we see as our strength.

The community spirit in school and boarding is the foundation to all our students experience in the school. Its importance cannot be overstated. It is therefore essential that everyone finds a sense of being seen and belonging. Never before have schools had so much responsibility as we have gone from a more utilitarian sense of education, where students learn to get good grades, to a more holistic approach to educating and seeing the whole person.

Today has been a day of celebration. On Mentors Day the mentors work on team building at the same time as the students get to know those in other classes in the school. Our senior students have supported us by preparing many of the events and worked hard at making the day fun for everyone. As well as our usual focus on academics, there is a carnival spirit in the air.

Ongoing school activities are continually updated on the school website and Facebook. It is also important for parents in the Swedish school to make sure that they check information on SchoolSoft and in the international section there is also a need to check ManageBac.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Parents Day, October 14th, and information will be sent out to you soon.

Podcast interview with Edwina Magnus

Margret Benedikz, Director of SSHL, interviews Edwina Magnus, Head of the Student Council.

MYP – Places Available in 9th Grade


If you’re looking for a place to study the IB MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME (MYP) in 9th grade, we have a couple of places available.

To find out more, please contact