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Byta till SSHL som dagelev


Om du går på  annat gymnasium  och vill ansöka om att byta till SSHL gymnasium som dagelev.

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Welcome to the New School Year


At the start of every new term, I often recall something the teacher in Anne of Green Gables said. “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it yet.” And so it is with the new term: fresh and ready for a new beginning for students. There’s room for mistakes, room for learning from those mistakes, and room for success as well.

It was this freshness I felt this weekend when I and SSHL staff welcomed all students and their families to the start of the 2016 autumn term. On Saturday we greeted new boarding students and their families, some of them a little nervous, and all of them excited to see what the new school year would bring. And on Sunday, our returning boarders and day pupils arrived, everyone decked out splendidly in their uniforms.

Our new tennis court and multi-sport court represent new beginnings as well. We were so pleased to unveil them both on Sunday’s meet-and-greet. These new sport facilities were made possible of course by the Parents’ Association, who worked so tirelessly to raise the money needed to build them. A big thank you to the Parents’ Association together with the Alumni (Fördettingar), and to everyone who donated so generously to this initiative.

On Monday I could still feel the lively energy coursing through the halls as classes started for the English-speaking classes, then the Swedish-speaking ones. Everyone looked so smart in their uniforms. Of course, students are not required to wear their uniforms every day, but only on Wednesdays and special occasions. Seeing students in their uniforms always signifies that something remarkable is happening, like start or end of term.
While all this newness abounds, it’s timely to remind all of you: it’s not luck, it’s hard work that brings reward. Your success does not depend upon which teacher you have for physics. It doesn’t depend on whether or not your teacher is in a “good mood” or whether or not the sun is shining.

Your success depends upon you, and only you. What you put into your academic course load is what you’ll get out. It’s a boring formula but it’s the only one that works.

For those of you starting new programmes (i.e. Gymnasium), you may find it a challenge to switch to this new way of working. Your success still depends on you. Your teachers, house parents and tutors are here to support you. Ask if you need help. Being pro-active will keep you on track.

But don’t forget: there’s also a lot to enjoy, even if the pressure is on for 9th graders and STUD 17. Boarders have their kick-off next weekend and the week after next all classes have their Mentor Day while the 3rd ringers trudge off the the Swedish highlands. Furthermore, I warmly encourage you to sign up for some of the wonderful extracurricular activities we offer at SSHL. There’s no better way to make new friends with students in different grade levels, different boarding homes, and different class groups in the school.

To all students and parents, I wish you all a fantastic autumn term. It’s a blank page just waiting for you to tell your own story.

Pictures from the start of term

Förtydligande gällande skoluniform inför skolstarten

internatskola uniform
På söndag 21/8 och måndag 22/8 är det skoluniform som gäller.
Vi beklagar att vi inte har gått ut med tydlig information gällande detta.

Kallelse till Årsmöte

Kallelse till Årsmöte / Notice of the Annual General Meeting

Medlemmar i Föräldraföreningen vid Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket kallas härmed till ordinarie Årsmöte söndagen den 21 augusti 2016 kl 14.00 i skolans aula. Members of The Parents Association at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 21 August 2016 at 2pm in the SSHL assembly hall.


  1. Mötets öppnande / Opening remarks – Welcome
  2. Presentation av styrelsen / Presentation of the board
  3. Val av ordförande och sekreterare vid mötet / Appointment of chairman and secretary for the AGM
  4. Frågan om mötet blivit behörigen kallat / Determination of whether the Meeting has been duly convened
  5. Val av justeringsmän och tillika rösträknare / Election of two members to approve the minutes and appointed tellers
  6. Styrelsens verksamhetsberättelse / Presentation of the Annual Report
  7. Ekonomisk rapport / Treasurer’s report
  8. Revisorernas berättelse / Auditor’s report
  9. Frågan om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen / Resolution regarding to grant discharge to the Board
  10. Behandling av förslag från medlemmarna / Motions put to the AGM
  11. Val av ledamöter i styrelsen / Election of board members
  12. Val av ordförande / Election of chairman
  13. Val av revisor /Appointment of independent auditor
  14. Val av valberedning / Appointment of nominating committee
  15. Årsavgifter / Membership fees
  16. Övriga frågor /Any other business
  17. Mötet avslutas /Closing remarks

SSHL Alumni Golf Tournament 2016


On August 8, 48 SSHL Alumni golf players competed for the trophies at Falsterbo Golfklubb in Southern Sweden.

There was a time span of 41 years between the youngest player and the two grand old men, Jörgen Ehrensvärd and Hans Linder, who were both born in 1932.

”Playing was tough in difficult, windy conditions and showers,” writes Caroline Lindhahl, SSHL alumnus and tournament assistant for the event.


”[In spite of the conditions] everyone enjoyed themselves on the course, at the prize-giving ceremony and at the dinner held at Restaurant Badhytten in Skanör.”

Caroline went on to thank Tournament Director Johan Stern for a great day.

”Thanks also to Fredrik and Nina Svinhufvud for hosting a wonderful cocktail and prize-giving. See you next year!”
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Rektorer från svenska utlandsskolor på besök

svenska rektorer på besök internatskola

Rektorer från svenska utlandsskolor på besök i onsdags!

SSHL träffar rektorer från Svenska Utlandsskolor och SUF för att börja det akademiska året. Dessa organisationer har en viktig uppgift att dela med sig av svensk utbildning och kultur i världen. Härligt att få dela kunskap och inspiration.