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SSHL på väg till Salzburg och München


Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket är på väg till Salzburg och München i oktober.

Bitr.rektor Eddy Johansson, ansvarig för internatet, kommer att vara i München den 10 och 11 oktober.

Utöver informationsträffen i Salzburg (den 12:e) kan föräldrar också boka personligt möte med Eddy på måndagen eller tisdagen.

Bokningsförfrågan görs via email

Annual Parents’ Dinner


Places are limited! To reserve your place at this year’s Annual Parents’ Dinner, please email

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Visitors from Abroad at SSHL (Director’s Blog)

UK universities at SSHL 2016

It was wonderful to see so many students interested in the visit last week by some of the top British universities. We really appreciate it when universities come to visit us. It gives students an insight into the world of opportunities out there and something to really aim for with their studies.

We’re very lucky that during the course of the academic year a range of universities visit the school both from Britain and the US.

As well as the visits from speakers, we also run a number of talks during the year to help students put together their applications for foreign universities. Unlike here in Sweden, students have to write personal statements or submit extra work when applying. At SSHL we strive to ensure that our students are as fully prepared as they can be should they wish to study abroad.

In the last couple of years our graduates have gone on to study at such universities as Brown, Yale, NYU in the last couple of years in the US and a variety of places in the UK like UCL, Kings, Imperial and Exeter University.

Although the UK voted for Brexit earlier in the year, we don’t see this having a major impact on our students applying to study in the UK. Sweden has a long tradition of sending students to Britain and our guests always speak warmly about Swedish students.

In keeping with the visit from foreign universities, it was a pleasure to interview Lucy Parsons for the podcast last week. Lucy gave some very useful insights into applying to Oxbridge (the universities of Cambridge & Oxford) as well as sharing some of her best tips.

If you have not listened yet, I encourage you to do so.
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Ett med djur och natur

Fjällresan 2016
Den traditionella fjällresan i september blev en succé, i alla fall för en del av NA17.
Med förhoppning om fint väder och tillräcklig energi för dryga 80 km som låg framför oss gav vi oss iväg till Jämtland. De flesta hade aldrig varit i den svenska fjällvärlden eller bott utan el och vatten i huset.

Vi bar med oss maten för både dagen och vissa kvällar, men det roliga och en del av gemenskapen var också att få bestämma vad som skull lagas till middagen. Vår rutt sträckte sig mellan Blåhammaren, Sylarna, Gåsen, Vålåstugorna till slutmålet Vålådalen. Ca 2 mil om dagen vandrade vi i sällskap av renar och en obeskrivlig storartat natur.

Sol, värme och alla matpauser i det fria minns vi som bäst men också det stundvis plågsamma regnet och blåsten, att vada över bäckar och svårgångna, steniga, leriga vägar. Det är något väldigt speciellt med den svenska fjällvärlden. Att uppleva hur liten man som människa är eller hur långt målet kan vara borta och hur besvärligt vägen dit kan te sig fast man ser målet tydligt, det ger perspektiv på tillvaron.

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Fjällen väntade på oss – en dikt av Ling Nyfelt

SSHL EK 17 i Lappland 2016

dsc_1348-2fjällresan 2016



Fjällen väntade på oss

Fjällen väntade på oss
Med gyllene höst
Vind, regn och sol

Vandringsled rörde sig smidigt fram
Och försvann tyst in i björkskog
Fanns bara ljus från himlen som visade stigen
Till kanten av en sjö

Vattenfallet brusade glatt att möta vårt sällskap
Men vidare vyer fortsatte välkomna med nya lockande ljud
Snart skyndade unga hjärtan fortare
Framåt, framåt och framåt

Ur mörkret dyker norrskensdans upp
Blickarna fastnar i den rörande magiska himlen
Kylan kom i natt
Men hindrar inte fåglarna att väcka oss för en ny marsch

Tiden blev ointressant
Vi lät omgivningen rinna förbi
Så nåddes den nya stationen och därefter den nya stationen

Fjällen blev ett med oss
Utan konkurrens, utan stress, bara uppskattning och nöje
Omringades av den tidlösa skönheten
Med evighetens tålamod väntande på det kommande
Men du och jag har redan tagit hem våra minnen
Och lämnat minnen i Lapplands fjäll.

Ling Nyfelt

Foto: Ulf Anderssonn



How one British woman is helping students apply to university

Dr Margret Benedikz, Director of SSHL, is back with more episodes of her popular podcast. Throughout the year, Margret will be talking to a range of guests both from within the SSHL community and beyond.

An interview with Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parsons

On this week’s show, Margret talks to Lucy Parsons, a Cambridge graduate, qualified teacher and academic tutor.

After teaching for a number of years, Lucy started Life More Extraordinary – a business helping young people maximise their academic success!

Margret talks to Lucy about her journey from Comprehensive school to Cambridge University and beyond.

Lucy shares insights into the Cambridge interview process, her own approach to teaching and learning as well as the importance of having the right mindset.

For students looking to find out more about Lucy or follow up on some of the links mentioned on the show, do visit Lucy’s website where you’ll find a free chapter of Lucy’s book The 10 Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.

You can find Lucy’s blog, the chance to schedule a free call and her tips on how to get into Oxbridge all on her website.

Finally, a big thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who makes the podcast such a success. In the last year the show has been downloaded over 61,000 times from around the world including such far away places as Madagascar, Botswana, Indonesia and Nepal. The majority of listeners are in Sweden, USA, UK, UAE, Germany, France and Spain.

If you enjoy the show, please spread the word with your friends on social media.

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Team-building at 1,797 meters above sea level with SSHL

Last week our third years headed to the highlands for five days to explore what lies at the very heart of Swedish culture: nature.

The annual trip to the north of Sweden for “third ringers” is an important part of their time with us. We strongly believe young people should experience the many sides of Sweden and that includes the countryside. After all, so much of our culture and many of our traditions are tied to the land.

For some of the students this will have been their first experience of the highlands, and I am sure they will remember the time they have spent together, the challenges they have faced. And this will have been a real chance for boarders and day pupils to build even stronger friendships. There’s something special about going away together and hiking.

Studying at school, whether it’s a boarding school or a day school, isn’t just about the challenges of the classroom, of studying a range of subjects. It’s also about the challenges of working together and spending time together in the great outdoors.

Learning can and should happen outside the classroom. After all, once our students graduate and go on to university and beyond, more and more of their learning will occur in real-world scenarios.

Academic Saturday on the Horizon

Although study trips are without a doubt an important part of the SSHL experience, the academic support weekends that were introduced last year are continuing this year. We received lots of positive feedback last year for these days and I believe it really shows what a great asset it is to have the House Tutors available for boarders.

For those of you new to the school (or perhaps considering applying to board at SSHL), Academic Saturdays (or Sundays) are scheduled throughout the school year and are mandatory for boarding students.

The day starts off with brunch and a House quiz and after that House tutors offer a range of workshops for subjects such as maths, philosophy, etc. There’s also time for individual study.

I worked at university for many years and I think this kind of day really helps prepare our students – not just for academic success in their study programmes at SSHL but also university life. Once they go off to university there isn’t the same kind of academic support like there is at school so learning to work on weekends from time to time and really put that extra work in will benefit them in the long run.

Many Thanks

Finally, thank you to everyone who expressed their support and encouragement after we were recently featured in the media. The press coverage reminded all of us, especially students, that their actions are of interest to the rest of the country and affect those around them. High-spirits, mucking about, call it what you will: this incident was a reminder to students that their behaviour can have an impact on their personal and school reputations.

As a boarding school we all come under intense scrutiny: boarders, day pupils, and staff. We have introduced many measures in the last three years and continue to see how we can improve. The management team at SSHL and I welcome the scrutiny that we face; it ensures we never rest on our laurels, and strive to make SSHL an outstanding and highly-regarded school, not just in Sweden but abroad.

Very best wishes,
Margret Benedikz, Director

För kännedom

Tips & case studies (2)

Kära föräldrar

Aftonbladet, Expressen och DN har idag publicerat artiklar i vilka det spekuleras kring de händelser som ledde till att en av våra pojkar fick föras till sjukhus i förra veckan.  Som vi tidigare har informerat er om hade några av de yngre pojkarna sysslat med en så kallad “lek” som går ut på att snärta varandra i skrevet, vilket slutade med att vi för säkerhets skull skickade en pojke till sjukhus för kontroll.  

Victor Stenquist, journalist på Aftonbladet, kontaktade skolan i fredags angående det som skett, och rektor Johan Norvell talade då med Stenquist ovetande om att samtalet spelades in i syfte att publicera inspelningen på Aftonbladet.

Givet vår historia vill kvällspressen gärna koppla ihop detta med kamratuppfostran. Låt mig försäkra er om att detta inte har något som helst samband med kamratuppfostran såsom pressen vill få det att verka.  Det här handlar helt enkelt om en dåligt genomtänkt så kallad lek som gått överstyr då ungdomarna olyckligt nog inte förstått hur farligt det här beteendet kan vara.

Skolan hanterade situationen omgående och bestämt.  Alla har informerats om farorna med denna så kallade lek och att den skall och måste upphöra genast.

Skolan har absolut nolltolerans mot all form av kamratuppfostran, mobbning, diskriminering eller annan kränkande behandling. Som ni redan är medvetna om så jobbar vi på skolan noggrant och i nära samarbete med er familjer på att motverka alla typer av sådana yttringar.

Sedan 2014 har vi infört betydande förändringar på skolan för att säkerställa att eleverna mår bra och att vi har en positiv och trygg skolmiljö. Som en del av detta har vi förstärkt vår elevhälsa och skapat ett nytt elevcenter i Kvarnbranten, blivit medlemmar i “The Boarding School Association” som ger kurser i tonåringars psykologiska utveckling, beteendemönster, och mot ungdomar riktade stödmetoder.  Vi har också skapat en förstärkt Likabehandlingsgrupp som handskas med alla former av ärenden inom likabehandling och kränkande behandling i både skol- och internatmiljön. Denna grupp har möte en till två gånger per vecka.  Vi har dessutom en tydlig policy med förebyggande insatser som hjälper oss att identifiera problem så snart som möjligt.  För två år sen började vi att samarbete med FRIENDS och har fortsatt att jobba intensivt tillsammans för att främja en stärkande och stödjande skolgemenskap.

SSHL är idag en modern, framåttänkande skola och en trygg plats att studera och bo på. Vi är 100% hängivna i vår strävan att skolan ska fortsätta att vara det, och vi är fast beslutna att arbeta för elevernas bästa i alla avseenden.

Margret Benedikz (skolchef) & Johan Norvell (rektor)

It’s Good to Be Back

pokemon-1571013_960_720 (1)The school year is off to such a wonderful start, not that I’m surprised. Silly as it may sound, we had been a little bit apprehensive about Pokemon Go! Over the summer, Pokemon Go just exploded and we wondered if it would blow over before school started, or if students would be relentlessly hunting for Pokestops.

Seems like the game is still going, but we haven’t caught the students trying to play during class. After class however, watch out! It’s like a big treasure hunt. We’re excited to see the students so active and walking about everywhere.

We do think fun and games are important here at SSHL, but some games are not safe. It came to our attention that some of our younger boys had been playing a game where they hit each other in the groin. We know boys like to horse around, but we know from our friends in the United States and other schools, that this kind of play can result in serious injury or even permanent damage to their bodies. One boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution and thankfully, he was given a clean bill of health.

We don’t think our boys understood how dangerous this behaviour can be, so we immediately notified parents, staff, and students of this “game.” We’ve asked for their full cooperation in making sure this does not happen again.

Spirits have also been high what with the kick-off activities the last couple of days with boarding students spending time away with their house parents, working on group cohesion and team building. I’ve heard from staff that it’s been a resounding success and look forward to hearing more. Hopefully someone has a few photos that we can share with you.


Remember, the application deadline for third ringers wanting to apply to Oxbridge this year needs to be completed by early October. The deadline for Oxbridge applications is October 15th. Please remind your son or daughter if they are intending to apply to begin working on their personal statement, if they haven’t done so already, and arrange for their referees.

Margret Benedikz, Director SSHL