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Working With & For the IB

katrin fox IB

School Director Margret Benedikz talks to Katrin Fox, Diploma Programme School Services Manager AEM at The International Baccalaureate.

Margret caught up with Katrin at the IB Conference Team 2016 AEM Regional Conference, which took place in Barcelona.

Margret asks Katrin about the IB and just what makes it special.

IB Dip Programme

Discover why the IB is great preparation for university!

Why is the IB Good Preparation for University and Beyond?

At Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL) we’re passionate about the IB Dip Programme.

We believe, of course, in the national Swedish programmes too and are equally committed to them; however, as the joint-first school to introduce the IB to Sweden, we have a long tradition of outstanding international education in English and strive to continually do even better.

The benefits of the IB are many, but here are some of the reasons why we at SSHL believe the IB is an excellent choice for ambitious students looking to study abroad.

IB Dip Programme

1. It increases academic opportunity

  • Research* shows that DP graduates are much more likely to be enrolled at top higher education institutions than entrants holding other qualifications as the IB is recognised as the only school qualification to not be subject to grade inflation

2. IB students care about more than just results

  • Through creativity, action, service (CAS) you learn outside the classroom and develop emotionally and ethically as well as intellectually

3. It encourages you to become a confident and independent learner

  • For example, the extended essay requires independent research through an in-depth study.


4. It’s an international qualification

  • The DP is recognised globally by universities and employers

5. Graduates are globally minded

  • Language classes encourage an international mindset, key for increasingly globalised societies

6. The IB encourages critical thinking

  • Learn how to analyse and evaluate issues, generate ideas and consider new perspectives.

IB programmet SSHL

7. Students have proven time management skills

  • Take good study habits and strong time management to further education and the working world!

8. The IB assesses more than examination techniques

  • Learn to understand, not just memorise facts or topics and prepare for exams

9. Subjects are not taught in isolation

  • Theory of knowledge (TOK) classes encourage you to make connections between subjects.

10. The IB encourages breadth and depth of learning

  • You are able to choose courses from six subject groups and study subjects at different levels.
  • IB-diploma-programme*Based on IB research – [](Discover more…)

    Konstutställning – Kreativ Höst

    Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverkets åk 7 elever har mellan 27/10 och 23/11 en konstutställning titulerad Kreativ Höst på Arlanda Visitor Center, terminal 5, Arlanda. Välkomna!

    Föräldraföreningens årliga middag 2016

    Jag vill gärna säga ett varmt tack till alla de föräldrar som kom till Föräldraföreningens årliga middag 2016 som var full av intressanta samtal, fantastisk mat, underbar sång framförd av en av skolans elever, inspirerande tal vilket bidrog till en oförglömlig kväll. Jag ser redan fram mot nästa års föräldramiddag!

    Marika Wäreborn
    Sekreterare, Föräldraförening

    Making a Real Difference


    Last week a number of my colleagues and I attended the 2016 IB Regional Conference in Barcelona. It was, as always, a fantastic opportunity to meet with colleagues and thought-leaders from the world of international education.

    One of the speakers who most resonated with me was Dame Ellen MacArthur who, in 2005, became the fastest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe.

    MacArthur spoke passionately about the finite nature the resources our linear economy relies on and the important part education will how students must be encouraged to rethink the future. Ellen encouraged us to inspire young people to change, shape and even restore the world that we are living in as resources dwindle and competition to thrive increases.

    I think many delegates came away from the conference invigorated and energised not just by Ellen’s keynote, but also the other sessions and workshops we attended. There is a great spirit at the IB and I genuinely felt that as we all said our goodbyes and headed back to our respective schools around the world, we did so with a renewed sense of determination to make a real difference to our students’ lives.

    I am very proud of what we’re doing with the IB at SSHL: everyone involved in the running and teaching of the programme is committed to ensuring our pupils are fully equipped with the kind of skills Sweden and the world will need in the future. That’s not to say that we aren’t equally committed to the many Swedish national programmes that we run; indeed, I believe we are a richer school because of our diversity.

    Many Thanks

    I would like to thank the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona for hosting a small gathering for us whilst we were in Spain. Last Thursday evening we met with a small group of educators and business people to give them an insight into what we’re doing at SSHL.

    Parents Day

    I would also like to say just how much we are looking forward to Parents Day tomorrow. Many will come from just down the road here in Sigtuna to meet their children’s mentors and teachers, whilst others will fly in from abroad as well as long haul destinations.

    Parents Day, just like Dekaddagen in the spring, is a wonderful reminder just how big a school community we really are. SSHL is not just students in the classroom: it’s every single one of us connected to the school.

    On behalf of everyone at SSHL, if you’re coming tomorrow, I look forward to welcoming you.

    Margret Benedikz
    Director, SSHL

    Nya diktsamlingar


    Daniel Gustafsson, som jobbar som hempedagog på SSHL, har nyligen publicerat två diktsamlingar: Alyosha (Augur Press, 2016) och Karve (Axplock, 2016). Han är också filosof och verksam på både svenska och engelska. Han har en doktorsexamen i filosofi från The University of York och är bosatt i Sigtuna sedan 2014.

    Vi rör oss

    i bräckta dopvattendrag
    under en barskrapad himmel…

    Karve, som betecknar en av vikingatidens skeppstyper, behandlar bland annat poetens resa tillbaks till sitt modersmål. Mälarlandskapet genomsyrar dikten: här möts forntida utfärder och samtida ankomster, gamla och nya världsbilder. Korthugget lyrisk, mångbottnad och rik på nybildningar, rör sig dikten i mötet mellan en nordisk och en kristen symbolvärld.

    där båtvirket jordfästs

    skjuter en fura
    sin högmast ur myllan…

    – Det är väldigt roligt att få ut dessa böcker och spännande att få visa en annan sida av mig själv för er på SSHL. Böckerna betyder mycket för mig och jag hoppas de kan intressera några av er, säger Daniel

    Läs mer:

    Bokning av lärarsamtal

    Länk till bokning av lärarsamtal till Föräldradagen har nu mejlats ut till samtliga föräldrar. Skulle ni mot förmodan inte ha fått informationen, mejla då gärna till

    Life on the IB Diploma Programme

    How is the IB Diploma programme

    On this week’s podcast School Director Margret Benedikz talks to Beata Ankarcrona and Sara Svensson, who are both in the first year of the IB Diploma Programme at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket.

    Margret talks to the girls about their choice of programme, the subjects they’re taking and the exciting CAS project they’ve just started work on.

    The show gives listeners an idea of what it’s like to make the transition to the IB. If you haven’t taken the IB MYP at secondary school, you’ll get an insight into the set-up of the course and the kind of work involved. Beata and Sara also share their insight into what life is like at an internationally-minded school in Sweden.

    Many thanks to Beata and Sara for taking the time to talk to Margret.