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Greetings from Amsterdam

Welcome back from höstlov – autumn break – everyone! As always I hope you had a great half-term. Now that you’re rested, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. We have a lot to look forward to here at SSHL in the coming months.

The cold and snow have officially arrived in Sigtuna. In fact, we are on track for record snowfall in the month of November. But no matter the weather, there is always plenty to do, especially as we head towards Christmas.

I know the boarding homes are already looking forward to the traditional weekend when they make gingerbread houses and there’s Lucia to look forward to. Last year’s was wonderful as the video we made showed (it got over 200,000 views and was even being watched in July!) so this year we have a lot to live up to.

Go Royals!


This week, I’m at NECIS in Amsterdam to meet with colleagues from other international schools but also cheer our varsity and junior varsity teams on. If you’ve not come across NECIS before, it is comprised of eleven schools from seven countries in northwest Europe, and provides students at SSHL to compete in a variety of sports and interact with a diverse group of their peers.


Watching our students compete at NECIS is one of the highlights of the sporting year. It’s a joy just to participate, but of course winning is good too! Soccer and volleyball tournaments commenced yesterday and run through Saturday. Best of luck to our student athletes competing in these tournaments.

Looking Ahead

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Provbo begins next week, when many students will stay at SSHL for three days to try boarding. We always look forward to these sessions and see them as an opportunity for students to learn as much as possible about life at SSHL. Students who currently board love the chance to meet and bond with potential future house and classmates.

The last day to register for the upcoming Provbo was Friday, 11th November. If you missed out, you also have the chance to register for Provbo in January or April. If you’re considering an education at SSHL, this is one the best ways to find out if boarding is right for you!

Very best wishes,
Director, SSHL

Träffa SSHL i Marbella!!!


Träffa SSHL på SWEA-mässan i Marbella!!!

Torsdagen den 17 november kl. 17-20.00.

Kom och träffa samt lär känna Johanna Flink och Ola Olsson från SSHL.

Välkommen till SWEA företagarmässa på Hotel H10 Andalucía Plaza i Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.

Vill du boka ett personligt möte? Ola och Johanna är i Marbella 15-19/11. Maila

Barns språkutveckling och flerspråkighet

10 november: OBS! Inställt pga stopp i trafiken mellan Paris och Amsterdam


Margret Benedikz, skolchef på SSHL, kommer att hålla en föreläsning om barns språkutveckling och flerspråkighet i Amsterdam. Det är ett ämne som intresserar många utlandssvenska föräldrar.

10 november, 2016
Kl 19.00 International School of Amsterdam, Sportlaan 45, 1185 TB, Amstelveen.