Talking to Robin Fletcher, CEO of the Boarding Schools’ Association


This week Margret Benedikz (Director) and Johan Norvell (Principal) have been attending the Boarding Schools’ Association Conference in Manchester, UK.

Margret took the opportunity to interview the chief executive of the BSA, Robin Fletcher, for this week’s podcast.

Robin shares his thoughts on where boarding fits in today’s educational landscape. He speaks passionately about what boarding schools have to offer and the role of boarding schools in the development of young people.

About Robin Fletcher

Robin Fletcher MBA MPhil was a boarder at Rugby School and is passionate about good quality, modern boarding. He has been BSA National Director since 2014 after working as a journalist, award-winning newspaper editor, plc communications director and business owner. Robin is an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Cardiff Metropolitan University, a former journalism examiner and former adult education tutor. He lives in Bath in south west England and has two daughters, two stepdaughters and two stepsons. []

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