Business & Management Programme

The Business and Management Programme

The Business and Management Programme is a new Swedish high school programme taught in English starting in Autumn 2011. It offers our English-speaking students an alternative to the IB Diploma Programme. It is identical to the new Ekonomiprogram taught in Swedish here at SSHL, and therefore runs over three years, starting in year 10. It is of particular interest to those of you who would like to work with Business, Economics, Marketing, Leadership and Organisation.

The Business and Management Programme will give you an up-to-date and sound theoretical foundation for continued university studies in the UK, US, Sweden and many other countries. Most students continue to study university courses related to Business.

The Business and Management Programme will also open doors to accounting and marketing departments within businesses. You will learn to use IT in accounting and marketing and also acquire skills in professional business language, both written and spoken – in both English and Swedish.

Entrepreneurship in Practice

Many young people are tempted by the idea of setting up and running their own company, and more entrepreneurs with good ideas and a strong drive is exactly what our society needs. Entrepreneurship is an idea which you will meet again and again throughout your three years on this Programme. During the third year your theoretical knowledge will be put to the test through the Young Enterprise Initiative. You will get to set up, run and develop your own company together with a group of friends. You will come up with a business idea, do a market analysis and write a business plan for your company. You will have to run your company as a real company: raise finances, handle purchases, sales and marketing. You will also need to produce an annual report.

Preparing for the Future

Following the Business and Management Pogramme will enable you to apply for universities both in Sweden and abroad. Many of our students further their studies at various Business Schools and at universities offering programmes in Business, Economics and Industrial Economics, to name but a few. We have also had students applying to the Berghs School of Communication and the London School of Economics.

Special Courses on the Business and Managment Programme

Business and Management 1 & 2, Marketing, Private Law, Modern Languages, Psychology 1, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Mathematics 3.