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Meet SSHL in Germany

sshlFormer SSHL principal Lena Månsson, together with one of our current house parents, Johanna Flink, will be in Germany during the first week of February to talk about the school.

Lena and Johanna will be talking about the study programmes, boarding life and extracurricular opportunities available at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket at the Swedish Churches in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

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How to Bake 200 Delicious Cupcakes

On Thursday afternoons SSHL boarding students have the chance to take a cooking class as part of their extracurricular activities with Carina Sälling. [Read more…]

The SSHL Alumni Mentor Programme

Mentor Episode 17, which is in Swedish, is an interview with SSHL alumni Adam Olsson and current SSHL pupil Ludvig Olmarker.

Looking for some help and guidance about making the transition from life at SSHL to life at university, Ludvig decided to seek a mentor and was put into contact with Adam by Sigtunafördettingar.

During the interview Ludvig talks about the benefits of having the chance to knock a few ideas around with someone a bit closer his own age, but with work and university experience.

“After all, teachers and parents have experience from a different era,” says Ludvig. “It was important to have a mentor who was a bit older than me, just starting out in their career.”

Adam Olsson, currently working for Bilia, believes the chance for SSHL students to have a mentor is a worthwhile initiative set up by Sigtunafördettingar.

“It’s a great idea to have someone to bounce a few ideas off,” he says, although admitting that he and Ludvig have only just been put in contact. “I’ve taken a year out, studied at university, and started my career. As a mentor I can share some of my experiences with Ludvig and help him negotiate his own path from SSHL.”

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An interview with Ian Gavin

Ian GavinIan Gavin is Assistant Principal at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket. Prior to moving to SSHL in April this year, he was Director of Studies at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet.

In this week’s podcast Ian took time out of his busy schedule and the start of term (!) to talk about moving to Sweden to work, SSHL and the challenges facing Swedish education in the light of the recent PISA study.

Ian also looks at some of the challenges facing the elementary school as it moves forward.

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