SSHL tour of UAE

Sweden’s top boarding school to visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai

House parents Johanna Flink and Ola Olsson will be in the UAE to meet prospective students and their families. Contact to schedule a meeting.

Date Time Place Description
Jan 24 19.00 Coral Dubai Al Barsha Hotel Information presentation. Kindly register with for details.
Jan 25 08.00 Abu Dhabi Al Munira Café Costas SWEA coffee morning meetup
Jan 26 15.00 Dubai de Sainte Marie family home Afternoon coffee reception in one of our wonderful boarding families' home. Contact or for details.

OPEN HOUSE 27 januari

Come meet us, see the beautiful SSHL campus to really get a feel for what SSHL is all about. 27 januari 2018

Time: 10.00 – 14.00
Learn about boarding school life, our academic programmes, the student organisations, see the campus and try the school’s wonderful brunch.

Open house is open to all students interested in our middle school an high school programmes.

All information is given in “Instan” (white building, see at bottom of page)

Try the school’s brunch!

Chef Rooker will serve brunch in the dining hall for SEK100 per person between 10:30am and 1pm. Payable in cash or via Swish.

We ask that you please register brunch guests with


Guided tours all day long.
All Day Open facilities: “Instan”, library, Café humlan, fine arts, music hall, sports facilities and boarding homes Herrgården and Skoga.  Some academic subjects will also be holding demonstrations in classrooms.
10.00 Open house begins
10.30 High Shool presentation in Gradängsalen
11.15 Middle School presentation in Gradängsalen
12.00 The Kenya project presents its organisation in Gradängsalen
12.15 Life Link & Make a Kid Smile presents its organisation in Gradängsalen
12.45 High Shool presentation in Gradängsalen
13.30 Middle School presentation in Gradängsalen
14.00 Open house ends

IMG_9974adademic sundayssshl-academic-sundays

Welcome Back & Happy New Year!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for an inspiring and eventful autumn term. December was an intense time here at SSHL as not only do our students have a busy social schedule in school and boarding, but the demanding end of term also requires their undivided attention.

After the mid-winter equinox, it seems that the days instantly begin to get longer. Finally! This, together with a 3 week break, will hopefully have given all our students a renewed boost of energy. At the end of our first week back, I can see that we have all returned with a new sense of purpose. I’m glad to see everyone safe and rested back at school.

New Beginnings

I believe all of us love new beginnings. It is something innately human. New beginnings awaken a feeling that we can approach the future with renewed energy, unburdened by the past. The New Year always fills us with a sense of adventure and hope. You only have to look up quotes and meditations about new beginnings on the internet to see that it is awash with all kinds ponderings of the power and importance of the chance to begin again.

Students, at the start of this term, I would like you to remember that we never stand still. What happens to us is important; but what we experience is so much based on our attitude to the things we encounter on life’s rich journey. It is important that we see the potential for change as liberating and an adventure, rather than something we need to fear.

The twentieth century poet T.S. Eliot compares the movement from old to new as if we were speaking in another voice and using another language.
“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

Eliot’s poem is not just saying that we are all capable of learning a new language; it is a call to embrace possibilities. We are all capable of learning something new, of making a change for the better. Whether you’re seeking to improve a grade in a subject you’re struggling with, or perhaps looking to make the leap that will take you on to the university of your choice; perhaps you’re just looking to make a difference on the football pitch! This January, make it a January for new beginnings. Embrace the possibilities that 2018 holds for you. All of us at SSHL can do different, can be better. Let’s meet that challenge together.

Have a wonderful spring term!

Margret Benedikz,
Director, SSHL

See Yesterday’s Lucia Procession

Enjoy the video and image gallery of yesterdays Lucia procession below.

Boarding school parents travel from all over the world to participate

The Lucia procession at SSHL is one of the most anticipated events of the year and parents travel from all around the world to experience it. This year was no different. Enjoy the beautiful video made by employee William Lundahl and photographs by communications manager Vilhelm Edgren and consultant Jon Buscall.

Swedish Lucia

Lucia is a Swedish holiday celebrated on December 13 and gets its name from the holiday’s main character. In Sweden, this day along with advent marks the start of Christmas celebrations. The Swedish Lucia traditions are a mix of pre-Christian and Christian traditions which have spread throughout the Nordic countries and in some instances outside the Nordics.

Lucia is a saint with origins from Sicily in the roman catholic church. However, contemporary Lucia celebrations in the Nordic countries have little in common with Catholic saint worship.

The word lucia is derived from the latin “lux” meaning light.
source: wikipedia

Lucia celebrations 2017

All parents to students at SSHL are invited to celebrate the Swedish holiday of Lucia at the Mariakyrkan church Wednesday, December 13 (see map at bottom of page). Lucia celebrations at SSHL are very popular and a magical experience nobody should miss.

Wednesday, December 13, Schedule

07.00 -07.55 The first performance får year 7-9, MYP2-4 and all respective parents.
* 08.15 “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) in the dining hall, lessons begin 09.00

08.15 -09.10 The second performance for high school students, swedish gymnasium first year students and DP19-20 and all respective parents.
* Kl. 9.30 “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) in the dining hall, lessons begin 10.00

09.30 -10.25 The third performance for high school students, swedish gyknasium year 2-3 and DP18 with all respective parents. Normal lessons between 08.00-08.50 and from 11.00. “Fika” (coffee and baked goods) served with lunch.
10.25 Photo opportunity.

10:30 Book Release: In memory of Folke Åkerblom. A presentation of the book in memory of Folke Åkerblom, enthusiastic teacher, house parent and school leader at SHL-SSHL (1930-2016). The presenatation will be held in Gradänsalen in Instan. (If you are interested in the book but cannot attend we urge you to contact ade av Kerstin Sörman at or Douglas von Sydow at
10.45 End of Lucia celebrations. Participating students have the rest of the day off.

This is what it sounded like last year.

Lucia 2016 choir from SSHL Sigtuna on Vimeo.

Welcome to Open House 29 November 2017


This Open House is for students looking for more information about the last three years of high school.

times: 18.00 – 20.00
Information and presentation in Instan (white building, see below).

Coffee and tea will be served at Café Humlan all evening.
18.00 Teachers, students and student organisations answer questions and give out information in the lobby of Instan.
18.30 Presentation in Gradängsalen (in Instan)
18.45 First Guided tour of the school if you wish to forego the presentation.
19.10 Guided tour of the school
19.30 Guided tour of the school
20.00 Open House closes.

IMG_9974adademic sundayssshl-academic-sundays

Author Ursula Poznanski visits SSHL

On assignment from the Goethe Institute

It isn’t every day we read novels in German. In order to promote interest and passion for litterature the Goethe Institut has assigned SSHL German teacher Christina Peters the task of creating educational material around one of the most popular and award-winning German language authors of books for youth, Ursula Poznanski.  Mrs. Peters went ahead and tried her newly minted material on our students whom became enthused and interested in reading more. Discussions and questions from the students concerning Ursula Poznanski’s work culminated in the author coming to SSHL for a visit just before fall break.

The author read her work for SSHL students.

Ursula Poznanski read from her youth thrille Elanus.   It isn’t often one gets a chance to ask the author face to face about what they were thinking when they wrote a book or what it’s like to be an author. Why did the main character do what they did, and what is it like being an author? How many books ahve you written, why are they thrillers, are they made into movies, and how much of your own life is in the books?  The students had many questions, all in German of course.

SSHL’s library contains a wide variety of books in multiple languages

The SSHL library contains books in English, Swedish and German. Before Ursula Poznanski continued her trip to Uppsala she stopped by the library and signed all her books there.  All in all a very successful collaboration with the Goethe Institut and a very special German lesson at SSHL.  We hope this encourages our students to borrow and read these and other books.  We promise that there’s something captivating for everyone.

Visit SSHL at Stockholmsmässan, November 23-25, booth: C13:01

SSHL is attending the Gymnaseiemässa greater Stockholm High School exhibition at the Stockholmsmässan the 23-25 November. This is an opportunity to get to know the school a little better, meet students and teacher and get a chance to ask some questions.

Welcome to booth C13:01

Opening hours:
Thursday 2017-11-23 09.00-17.00
Friday 2017-11-24 09.00-16.00
Saturday 2017-11-25 09.00-16.00


Palma & Marbella

Get to know SSHL in Spain.

Individual meetings in Spain can be arranged directly with SSHL’s representatives.


the Swedish School (Svenska Skolan) 14.00-15.00
School director Dr. Margret Benedikz  will hold her lecture on Bilinualism at the Swedish School(Svenska Skolan).

In the lecture Dr. Benedikz talks about how to face the challenges of living with our children in a bilingual / multilingual environment.

Book individual meetings by contacting Dr. Benekikz at

23 November MARBELLA

SWEA Exhibition, H10 Andalucia Plaza, 17.00-20.00
House parents Johanna Flink and Ola Olssson will be at theSWEA exhibition at the Andalucia Plaza. to provide information to interested parties.

Book individual meetings by contacting

SSHL tours China, Bilingualism in Families

On October 21 School Director Dr. Margret Benedikz begins her journey with Ling Nyfeldt through China from Beijing to Shanghai and finally to Hong Kong. In each of these cities, she will hold a lecture on Bilingualism discussing some of the challenges that families face living with children in a bilingual/multilingual environment.


How do we face the challenges of living with our children in a bilingual / multilingual environment?

See flyer at the bottom of the page for more information.


Dr. Benedikz and Mrs. Nyfeldt will attend the China Education Expo in Beijing.  Dr Benedikz will hold her first lecture on 23 October 10am at the Western Academy of Beijing hosted by Svenska i Beijing och SWEA Beijing.  Dr. Benedikz will have time to meet privately with families and other interested parties beween 23-24 October.

Contact Dr. Benedikz too schedule an individual meeting at


Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be available for individual meetings in Shanghai between the 26-27 October.  Dr. Benedikz will hold her Bilingualism lecture 1pm, 27 October at the Swedish Consulate  with  the  Svenska Skolan Shanghai as our hosts. Between 28-29 October Mrs. Nyfelt and Dr. Benedikz will be representing SSHL at the China Education Expo in Shanghai.

Hong Kong

On 30 october at 10am Dr. Benedikz will hold her lecture on bilingualism at  SEB, Jardine House, 17 floor with  SWEA Hong Kong and Svenska Skolan Hong Kong as hosts.  At this occasion Dr. Benedikz will  be available for individual meetings.

Help Us!

If you know anyone in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong kong that might be interested in meeting us or simply interested in helping us spread the word about our events we would be very greatful if you could share this information with them or let us know who you think we should contact.


Download PDF flyer