SSHL’s bridge club is looking for new members

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SSHL’s Fritiden – (the Extracurricular Activities part of SSHL) – offers a multitude of activities for students. Bridge is one of the least well known activities on offer. As one of the most tactically demanding card games around it’s a great opportunity for students looking for a challenge . There are many bridge organizations in Sweden and globally that offer opportunities for promising players to attend local and international tournaments.

Linus Krantz, a second year student of the IB programme, is currently placing highly in local Bridge competitions. As an added bonus, Linus gets IB CAS credits for attending the local bridge club events.
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10 Things Boarding Students Like Most About SSHL

Lisa relaxes with her friends at Haga after school

Lisa relaxes with her friends at Haga after school

What with the start of the spring term, it seemed like a good opportunity to ask some of SSHL’s boarding students what they like most about boarding at SSHL.

1. Warm Welcome

Starting at a new school is always a little nerveracking. It is important to feel welcomed by the old students and feel like home as soon as possible.

“Everyone is so welcoming, kind and accepting,” says Sophie who lives at Haga. Coming to a new boarding home is like being welcomed by a one large family.

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What’s the term been like?

jul 2014

The term is coming to an end and SSHL students are preparing for the Christmas holidays. With just two days to go until the end of term, the Christmas spirit abounds, hot on the heels of the annual gingerbread baking competition, Christmas show, and last week’s Lucia celebrations. The entire school is covered in decorations and the smell of gingerbread wafts out from the school café. We wanted to know how the term been for the students so Jess Simpson went in search of answers.

The atmosphere at SSHL this term has been good according to Wilma and Astrid in class 8A.

“There is a good community feeling and I think it has been very nice this term,” says Astrid.

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An interview with Peng Sim Cheng

peng sim cheng

Peng Sim Cheng

*Only available in English*

Peng Sim Cheng has been teaching business and economics at SSHL since the start of the current academic year. In this interview, she talks about her background teaching at university in Singapore and what it’s like working at SSHL.

She also shares why she thinks Swedish students are so interested in studying Business.

Student work on show in Instan

Art teacher Irmeli Malm sent over a message this week that some good artwork was on display in Instan. We zipped over with our camera and took a few pictures.

Some of the self-portraits were by Year 2 students; there were also some more abstract paintings on display.

It’s great to see Instan alive with so much student work.

Thank you Irmeli and all the students whose work is on show. Thanks also to Toni Graalheim for helping to hang the student work.



Back from NECIS


I returned on Saturday evening after spending three enjoyable days in Amsterdam where I had travelled to watch fifty SSHL students compete in NECIS. Our students competed with gusto on the volleyball courts and football fields and, although the results didn’t always go our way, they did us proud. The boys’ varsity in particular put on a good show, reaching the football final where they unfortunately conceded a late penalty that turned the game and took it to extra time where they lost on penalties.


I think being able to compete in NECIS is one of the highlights of the academic year for our students. In particular, the trips away seem to really be a time when that indefatigable SSHL spirit bubbles to the surface. I think all the students competing, no matter where in Europe they were from, enjoyed the time shared together competing in sports and relaxing together after the activities.

As well as watching the students, I met with school directors from the other NECIS schools; we discussed the organisation, our ongoing cooperation and exchanged ideas. This is a valuable meeting point as it gives us all the chance to discover how other leading schools work and to build new friendships.

The students and I are not the only ones who have been out traveling of late; Lena Månsson and Ling Nyfelt were recently in China, having returned last week from representing the school at a study fair. They met students and parents interested in finding out more about study opportunities in Sweden. There’ll be a report from Lena on the website later this week.

Later this week Lena will be going Hamburg with Christina Peters, who teaches German at SSHL, to represent SSHL at the Christmas Fair at Svenska Kyrkan, Schwedische Gustaf Adolfskirche, Ditmar Koel-Srasse 36.

Culture & Guests

This weekend is the annual “Culture Weekend” at SSHL; the boarding homes are each organising different cultural events. It’s also “Provbo” weekend coming up and we look forward to warmly welcoming these young visitors to the school. We they hope they enjoy their stay with us.

Enjoying the Sunshine Whilst it Lasts!

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SSHL Boxcar Race 2014

Find out all about the Boxcar Race project run by teachers Sten Forsman & Pernilla Sjöberg that took place at the school in May.

An Interview with Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundren's daughter attends SSHL

Actor Dolph Lundren’s daughter attends SSHL

Dolph Lundgren, whose daughter Ida is currently studying at SSHL, is the guest on the final podcast of this school year.

Dolph talks about how important it was for him to send his daughter to a school in Sweden so she could connect with her cultural roots as she has lived most of her life abroad. Moreover, he talks about the importance of learning Swedish, cultural traditions as well as the challenge of adapting to life away from home.

With many parents uncertain about making such a big decision, Dolph also discusses some of the challenges and benefits of children studying at boarding school.

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The Big Day

This is an immensely significant week in the academic calendar at SSHL: the third ringers take “studenten” – graduate – on Wednesday. After last night’s Gubbskivan, the atmosphere at school is nearing fever pitch!

For those of you who don’t know about it, gubbskivan is one of SSHL’s most famous traditions. The third ringers share a formal dinner with their teachers. The name comes from when Sigtuna Skolan and Humanistiska Läroverket were boys’ school and the male students had dinner with their male teachers. We still use the old name, although I think the girls and female staff now outnumber the boys!

Gubbskivan was a wonderful evening with both students and staff providing the entertainment down in the Aula. With speeches and songs accompanying the meal, you couldn’t help but feel the excitement that all the exams and studies are over.
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