Settling in to School Life

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket has had a wonderful autumn as our boarders have settled in and the teaching has begun. The school is now in its third week of term and everyone has adapted to boarding school routines.

Every year new students make up a third of the school numbers. It is important to remember this. Few other organisations go through such drastic renewal every year. As educators we live in this world of changeability. To this end, for our school to thrive, we foster collegiality and open-mindedness. We are not afraid of change, we celebrate the privilege of working with our young people.

Our attitudes to change are so important. We look forward to the beginning of the new year and the opportunity to meet so many who are new to our community. At SSHL we are luckier than most in that our students come from many countries and different backgrounds. This we see as our strength.

The community spirit in school and boarding is the foundation to all our students experience in the school. Its importance cannot be overstated. It is therefore essential that everyone finds a sense of being seen and belonging. Never before have schools had so much responsibility as we have gone from a more utilitarian sense of education, where students learn to get good grades, to a more holistic approach to educating and seeing the whole person.

Today has been a day of celebration. On Mentors Day the mentors work on team building at the same time as the students get to know those in other classes in the school. Our senior students have supported us by preparing many of the events and worked hard at making the day fun for everyone. As well as our usual focus on academics, there is a carnival spirit in the air.

Ongoing school activities are continually updated on the school website and Facebook. It is also important for parents in the Swedish school to make sure that they check information on SchoolSoft and in the international section there is also a need to check ManageBac.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Parents Day, October 14th, and information will be sent out to you soon.