It’s Good to Be Back

pokemon-1571013_960_720 (1)The school year is off to such a wonderful start, not that I’m surprised. Silly as it may sound, we had been a little bit apprehensive about Pokemon Go! Over the summer, Pokemon Go just exploded and we wondered if it would blow over before school started, or if students would be relentlessly hunting for Pokestops.

Seems like the game is still going, but we haven’t caught the students trying to play during class. After class however, watch out! It’s like a big treasure hunt. We’re excited to see the students so active and walking about everywhere.

We do think fun and games are important here at SSHL, but some games are not safe. It came to our attention that some of our younger boys had been playing a game where they hit each other in the groin. We know boys like to horse around, but we know from our friends in the United States and other schools, that this kind of play can result in serious injury or even permanent damage to their bodies. One boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution and thankfully, he was given a clean bill of health.

We don’t think our boys understood how dangerous this behaviour can be, so we immediately notified parents, staff, and students of this “game.” We’ve asked for their full cooperation in making sure this does not happen again.

Spirits have also been high what with the kick-off activities the last couple of days with boarding students spending time away with their house parents, working on group cohesion and team building. I’ve heard from staff that it’s been a resounding success and look forward to hearing more. Hopefully someone has a few photos that we can share with you.


Remember, the application deadline for third ringers wanting to apply to Oxbridge this year needs to be completed by early October. The deadline for Oxbridge applications is October 15th. Please remind your son or daughter if they are intending to apply to begin working on their personal statement, if they haven’t done so already, and arrange for their referees.

Margret Benedikz, Director SSHL