SSHL in the World (Podcast in English)

Annika Presentation 3

On the podcast this week Margret Benedikz, Director of SSHL, talks to Annika Romell, a third year student on the Business Management & Economics Programme.

Annika Rommell

Whilst visiting family in the US, Annika was invited to a local school in Salem, Massachusetts, to talk to a class of ten year olds about Sweden and SSHL. The class’s teacher was a friend of Annika’s mother and felt the children would enjoy hearing about life in another country first hand.

The school’s catchment area is in a largely hispanic area and the majority of the students are native Spanish/Portuguese. School is one of the only places they are formally using English.

Annika explains to Margret how she talked about Scandinavia and Sweden to the youngsters, sharing her experiences and giving them something of an insight into Sweden, which they really enjoyed. Having prepared a presentation, she was able to show pictures to illustrate her talk.

Annika Presentation 2

After the presentation Annika answered questions for over twenty-five minutes from the pupils who were very keen to learn learn more.

Listen to the podcast to discover more of Annika’s experience on her school visit.

This post & podcast is only available in English.