Team-building at 1,797 meters above sea level with SSHL

Last week our third years headed to the highlands for five days to explore what lies at the very heart of Swedish culture: nature.

The annual trip to the north of Sweden for “third ringers” is an important part of their time with us. We strongly believe young people should experience the many sides of Sweden and that includes the countryside. After all, so much of our culture and many of our traditions are tied to the land.

For some of the students this will have been their first experience of the highlands, and I am sure they will remember the time they have spent together, the challenges they have faced. And this will have been a real chance for boarders and day pupils to build even stronger friendships. There’s something special about going away together and hiking.

Studying at school, whether it’s a boarding school or a day school, isn’t just about the challenges of the classroom, of studying a range of subjects. It’s also about the challenges of working together and spending time together in the great outdoors.

Learning can and should happen outside the classroom. After all, once our students graduate and go on to university and beyond, more and more of their learning will occur in real-world scenarios.

Academic Saturday on the Horizon

Although study trips are without a doubt an important part of the SSHL experience, the academic support weekends that were introduced last year are continuing this year. We received lots of positive feedback last year for these days and I believe it really shows what a great asset it is to have the House Tutors available for boarders.

For those of you new to the school (or perhaps considering applying to board at SSHL), Academic Saturdays (or Sundays) are scheduled throughout the school year and are mandatory for boarding students.

The day starts off with brunch and a House quiz and after that House tutors offer a range of workshops for subjects such as maths, philosophy, etc. There’s also time for individual study.

I worked at university for many years and I think this kind of day really helps prepare our students – not just for academic success in their study programmes at SSHL but also university life. Once they go off to university there isn’t the same kind of academic support like there is at school so learning to work on weekends from time to time and really put that extra work in will benefit them in the long run.

Many Thanks

Finally, thank you to everyone who expressed their support and encouragement after we were recently featured in the media. The press coverage reminded all of us, especially students, that their actions are of interest to the rest of the country and affect those around them. High-spirits, mucking about, call it what you will: this incident was a reminder to students that their behaviour can have an impact on their personal and school reputations.

As a boarding school we all come under intense scrutiny: boarders, day pupils, and staff. We have introduced many measures in the last three years and continue to see how we can improve. The management team at SSHL and I welcome the scrutiny that we face; it ensures we never rest on our laurels, and strive to make SSHL an outstanding and highly-regarded school, not just in Sweden but abroad.

Very best wishes,
Margret Benedikz, Director